In many ways this has been the longest of years, but in others, it’s amazing that we’re now in Advent. I pray that Thanksgiving was sweet for you and your family, and that this will be the most meaningful of Christmases as we worship the Savior.

We’ve been communicating together through this medium as the Arizona Capitol Project since March 11 of this year – nearly the moment that COVID-19 changed everything here in Arizona. There’s little doubt that 2020 has been unparalleled in our lifetime, but if you’re a lover of history like I am, you don’t have to look too far into the past to find suffering. While some of us might not have had the same brush with the pandemic the way others have this year, as pastors, I know you’re carrying a significant load in ministry. May Emmanuel, God With Us, be especially and manifestly near to you this Season.

I’ll be brief – we are almost ONE MONTH away from the start of the 2021 Arizona Legislative Session, and this is your call to action!

The Representatives and Senators are now duly elected; their races having been certified just this week. Opening Day is Monday, January 11, 2021, and with that comes our collective opportunity to begin investing in the lives of these elected officials as shepherds of the Church coming together with shepherds of the government.

With six regional meetings completed since late-October, I’ve heard from the hearts of many of you. It is clear that pastors have a deep desire to see the gospel sown into the hearts of these men and women – some who would otherwise have little or no gospel witness in their lives.

Your call to action is this: click the button below and fill out the online form to indicate the number of times per month (1 to 5, or perhaps you don’t yet know!) that you’d like to participate with this ministry at the Capitol between January and April.

Let me be clear, however: COVID-19 does indeed continue to create a degree of uncertainty about in-person meetings. Therefore, we will closely follow recent developments regarding the vaccine’s arrival in the state, along with any announcements that come from legislative leadership. Either way, members are open to Zoom meetings, and we are able to use that platform as needed.

Please take a few moments and complete the connection form online, and I will be in touch with you next week with next steps. Praying even now for gospel fruit!

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In Arizona as it is in Heaven,

Chris St. John
Executive Director


ICYMI: A little more about Arizona Capitol Project. Our mission is to build a relationship between the shepherds of God’s Church and the government: from our Congressional Delegation in Washington, D.C., leaders in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, and the county and municipal government officials throughout Arizona. Read more…

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