Month: March 2018

2018 CAP Family Dinner

2018 CAP Family Dinner Featuring     Prolific speaker and New York Times #1 best-selling author of books including Bonhoeffer, Amazing Grace, and Martin Luther,  Eric Metaxas will be bringing his unique intellect and wit to Phoenix on April 21! Joining him...

BREAKING NEWS: AZ Lawmakers Send School Sale Equity Bill to Governor

Current law requires school districts to attempt to obtain the highest possible value for vacant property they have chosen to sell or lease. The bill makes clear that school districts cannot prohibit a charter or private school from negotiation to buy or lease the property, and that they cannot withdraw the property solely because a private or charter school is the highest bidder.

Problems to be Solved

Often CAP-supported legislation focuses on solving problems. That is the case with two bills designed to treat private schools fairly, based on real problems encountered by two private schools in Tucson. The two bills, HB 2460 School Sale Equity and HB 2461 School...