NEWS RELEASE: Gov. Ducey Signs HB 2460 and HB 2461
 A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

Governor Doug Ducey signed two important bills, HB 2460 and HB 2461, making sure that private schools are treated fairly. Both bills solve problems encountered by private schools in Tucson.

Private schools provide valuable educational opportunities for children in our state, and should have equal opportunity to purchase vacant school district property and should not be targeted with onerous zoning regulations.

HB 2460 affords private schools the opportunity to purchase or lease vacant school district property that is on the market. It also prohibits school districts from withdrawing property solely because a private school or charter school happens to be the highest bidder.

HB 2461 ensures private schools are not required to have more than one acre to operate, which is the requirement currently placed on charter schools. Counties and municipalities should not unfairly single out private schools with unreasonable lot size requirements.

I thank Governor Ducey and the sponsor of both bills, Representative Vince Leach, for further advancing school choice for Arizona families.  

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