Engage Arizona Podcast

Moral Courage

The Arizona Supreme Court has set a bold precedent, upholding religious freedom for a couple of local artists doing business in Phoenix. The court held artists don’t give up their First Amendment rights when they enter the workforce. The case is crucial to the ongoing discussion about how nondiscrimination laws can be used to silence people of faith.

Today, Cathi Herrod talks with the artists of Brush & Nib about their courageous stand against coercive government action, and what the court victory means to them now. She also discusses what the ruling might mean for other artists doing business in Arizona with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, Jonathan Scruggs. And now, here’s Cathi.

More Than One Life Saved

If you’ve seen the movie, Unplanned, or know the story behind it, you are familiar with Abby Johnson. As a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, Abby has insight into the dangerous practices and greedy policies of the abortion industry. She is also acutely aware of the pain, fear, and confusion of many women who seek abortions.

Abby speaks with Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod today about the misnomer of the term pro-choice, and how most women who seek abortions don’t think they have another choice. Abby challenges our reliance on politicians to abolish abortion, when the real solution requires a heart change.

Providing Hope in Hard Places

Protecting the preborn is a comprehensive effort. Advocating for public policy that affirms life and cares for the mother is just one important aspect. Women faced with unplanned pregnancies need a place to turn – somewhere to slow down and consider their options – somewhere they can learn about the resources available to them – somewhere safe, where someone will listen.

Pregnancy Resource Centers provide all of that and more. They also provide pro-life Arizonans opportunities to get involved and help both mother and her preborn baby.

A panel of women who head local pregnancy resource centers joins us today to give insight into this important aspect of the pro-life movement. CAP’s Cindy Dahlgren discussed with them their role in the community, why women consider abortion, the fathers’ role, the greatest need, and how you can help.

Tell Your Children

The big marijuana industry is trying again to pass recreational marijuana in Arizona with a new ballot initiative for the 2020 election. This comes at a time when more and more experts are acknowledging the link between today’s high potency marijuana and psychosis.

Alex Berenson has followed the extensive research done on the subject and recently wrote a book titled, “Tell Your Children the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.”

Berenson found that the link between marijuana and psychosis goes back hundreds of years, but has only recently begun to penetrate the long-held notion that cannabis is harmless. He says the science is undeniable and points to the growing potency of today’s marijuana – which is ten to 50 percent more potent than it was decades ago when marijuana first hit the U.S. market.