Senate Bill 1457, Sen. Barto’s pro-life bill, likely will be voted on within the next few days.  This bill will protect preborn babies from discrimination by prohibiting abortion based on a genetic condition, like Down syndrome.

The constitutionality of this bill was affirmed this week when the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is in the legitimate interest of the state to ban Down syndrome abortions because it protects members of that community from selective abortions, it protects pregnant women and their families from doctors who encourage abortion of Down syndrome babies, and it protects the conscience of medical professionals who refuse to perform Down syndrome-selective abortions.

And, SB 1457 does more – it also protects women from the abortion industry’s dangerous efforts to sell chemical abortions to women through the mail, leaving them alone and at risk of grave illness or death.

We need your legislator’s continued leadership and support to get this important bill to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Please click on the link below and send them the letter asking them to continue to stand firm and vote YES for SB 1457.

Action Needed:

  1. Click here to contact your state representatives today. Ask them to support SB 1457 when it comes to a vote on the floor.
  2. Forward this email to a friend and invite them to also contact their lawmakers.
  3. Pray! Pray that state legislators will pass this important legislation.
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