ACTION ALERT: You Can Help Pregnant Women Choose Life!

by Feb 19, 2020Action Alerts, Feature

Here is your chance to speak up for the preborn! We need to show state legislators that Arizona supports them when they support women and the babies they’re carrying.

Lawmakers are considering HB2388 and SB1328. These bills would allocate $1.5 million each for two years to a new program that helps women seeking to have an abortion choose life instead. Any nonprofit organization can apply for the grant to be part of The Family Health Pilot program, which is modeled after a similar program in Texas that meets the needs of pregnant women who believe abortion is their only option. The Texas program, which works with local pregnancy centers, found more than half the women choose life for their babies when their basic economic needs are met.

Pro-abortion activists are misrepresenting the pilot program in an effort to stop it from reaching Governor Ducey’s desk. Not only are they baselessly criticizing pregnancy resource centers, they are trying to sabotage the bills by demanding abortion providers be included in a second section of the bills.

In addition to the pilot program, HB2388 and SB1328 would also fund the state’s 211 hotline, which provides immediate referrals to callers on a myriad of topics. Pro-abortion activists are demanding Planned Parenthood be included in the 211 hotline referral list. This, despite the fact Arizona has long held a policy of prohibiting taxpayer money be used to promote abortion providers.

Your Representatives will soon have to make a decision on HB2388 and SB1328!

We need your help! Click here to contact your lawmaker today to voice your support for the Family Health Pilot program and the 211 hotline without an abortion referral!

Action Needed:

  1. Click here to contact your state lawmakers today. Ask them to support the HB2388 and SB1328 in order to help women and their babies.
  2. Forward this email to a friend and invite them to also contact their lawmakers.
  3. Pray! Pray that state legislators pass these bills without an abortion referral, giving pregnant women resources and the option to choose life for their babies.
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