Save Women’s Sports!

by Feb 10, 2020Action Alerts, Feature

Girls deserve a level playing field

 If you believe girls and women deserve to compete on a level playing field, your legislators need to hear from you today!

State Representative Nancy Barto and more than 20 co-sponsors have introduced legislation that will require only biological females play on girls’ and women’s sports teams. HB2706 will be heard in the state House Health and Human Services committee Thursday, February 13 at 9:00 a.m.

Lawmakers need to know you support this legislation and the girls and women who work hard in their sport.

Recent events throughout the country show a trend toward allowing men and boys living as women or girls to compete against female athletes. Boys competing on girls’ sports teams are denying girls victories and other opportunities that go along with those victories, such as college scholarships.

Studies show what we already know, that biological males have an absolute advantage over female athletes. The physical advantages are undeniable. When boys compete in girls’ sports, equal opportunity is destroyed.

We’ve seen a biological male MMA fighter break the eye socket of a female competitor; two high school biological boys steal 15 championship titles from several leading female high school athletes; and a number of male runners take the winner’s podium that rightly belongs to women.

Please help us make Arizona a fair place for girls and women to compete.

 Your Representatives will soon have to make a decision on HB2706!

We need your help! Click here to contact your lawmaker today to preserve girls’ and women’s sports!

Action Needed:

  1. Click here to contact your state representatives today. Ask them to support HB2706.
  2. Forward this email to a friend and invite them to also contact their lawmakers.
  3. Pray! Pray that state legislators will pass this important legislation.
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