Seven days. Just seven days remain until the Voter Registration deadline. With such a crucial General Election only weeks away, make sure you’re registered to vote!

Do YOU fall into one of the following categories?

  • Uncertain if you are registered to vote?
  • Need to update your information (i.e. name, address, etc.)?
  • Want to change your political affiliation?
  • Know for certain you are not registered to vote?

Answering yes to ANY of the questions above qualifies you to complete the following (very easy!) steps:

  1. Visit the Service Arizona website
  2. Select your preferred language and click “Continue”
  3. Verify your voter eligibility
  4. Enter your personal information
  5. Verify your address
  6. And lastly, select your party preference

If you would prefer to complete the process of registering to vote via mail, visit your county recorder’s website to print off your voter registration form. Return the form to the address listed on your county recorder’s website.

Don’t miss your opportunity to ensure your voice heard! As always, it’s Your Voice, Your Vote, and Your Values.

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