It’s that time for you to be the difference next Tuesday with your vote in Arizona’s Primary Election.

For many local Arizona races, the candidate who wins the primary goes on to win the General Election.

Don’t sit this one out – take time over the next few days to make your voting decisions then vote next Tuesday.

Your decisions could make the difference on whether your city leaders protect religious freedom.

Your decisions could make the difference on whether the state legislature continues to protect and promote life.

Here’s what you need to know to make an informed voting decision:

  • Pray for wisdom as you make your voting decisions.
  • Visit for information about candidates, ways you can contact them directly, and answers to key questions in their own words as well as where to vote.
  • If you have an early ballot, fill it out but don’t mail it in (it’s too late to be guaranteed it is received by Election Day). Walk it in to any polling place on Tuesday.

Think your vote on Tuesday won’t make a difference?

Think again…

Primary voter turnout typically is low with a handful of votes often deciding the outcome. Your vote could be part of that handful of votes.

  • One Arizona Primary race ended in a tie. Per the legal requirement to settle the outcome, the two candidates played a round of poker. The winning hand went on to win the General Election.
  • The May vote for Prop 123 to increase public school funding passed only by 1% – 50% to 49%.
  • Key state legislative races have been decided by fewer than 50 votes in recent years.

Please don’t sit this one out.

Vote next Tuesday, August 30th!

That’s next Tuesday!


ICYMI – Latest News & Articles of Interest

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  • Intern with CAP this fall! The election season is one of the most exciting times to intern with CAP. If you’re a college student looking for front line public policy experience, apply for a CAP internship.
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