Victory Can’t be Denied

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President, Cathi Herrod, Esq.

PHOENIX – “Abortion defenders can spin a court technicality any way they wish but they cannot change the truth: Pregnant women in Arizona who regret taking the first of two abortion pills will get a chance to change their minds and save their pre-born babies.

Lawmakers this year re-wrote Senate Bill 1318 requiring abortion doctors to inform regretful women that the first pill is as little as 20% effective – something Planned Parenthood admits in court but has hidden from women in the past. Abortion providers must also immediately refer the woman to a physician if she would like more information.

Prior to the SB1318 re-write, abortion doctors didn’t have to say anything and in fact, didn’t, letting anguishing women believe there was no hope of saving their pre-born babies.

Those who make millions of dollars a year in the abortion industry can question the abortion pill reversal (APR) science, but they have to answer to the mothers of at least 175 healthy babies born after they took the first abortion pill and then began the reversal process. They don’t have to look far; the first baby saved through APR started kindergarten today.

Yes, the re-write of SB1318 is a victory for Arizona women and their pre-born babies.”


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