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The Right Way to Fight Back

The battle over abortion, the moral revolution changing sexual ethics and challenging long-held parental rights. With so much coming at us as Americans, parents, church goers, the politically engaged – how do we fight back morally and effectively? Political commentator and writer, Ben Shapiro has some compelling thoughts on how we got here and how to get out of it. He is also Center for Arizona Policy’s keynote speaker at the upcoming CAP Family Dinner. Shapiro discusses these critical issues, as well as the war in Ukraine, the upcoming Supreme Court decision on abortion, and what to expect in the 2022 and 2024 elections in this episode of Engage Arizona.

Dobbs on the docket: A Historic Day at the U.S. Supreme Court

December 1, 2021 is a historic day. Nearly 49 years after the U.S. Supreme Court declared a right to abortion, justices will decide if Roe v Wade was wrongly decided and send the issue of abortion back to the states where it belongs. Oral arguments went on for two hours as pro-life warriors rallied and prayed outside the Court. CAP was there to witness history. In this episode of Engage Arizona, Cathi Herrod and Arizona State Senator Nancy Barto share their experience and initial analysis of the oral arguments.

Protecting Young Eyes, Part I

A whistleblower at Facebook recently leaked inside information revealing the negative impact social media can have on teens. Although not completely a surprise, the confirmation from inside the parent company of Instagram caught parents’ attention. But social media and online games and other content have become an integral part of young people’s everyday lives. Is there a way to truly protect children and teens from the harms of social media and the internet? In this episode of Engage Arizona, we revisit an event CAP hosted with Chris McKenna, founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes to learn about the impact on kids, and the latest apps, digital trends, parental controls and more in this, the first of a two part series.

A Worthy Investment: Equipping Younger Generations

Research shows millennials struggle with depression, fear, and anxiety. Many lack a sense of real meaning in life. Researchers say millennials are part of a generation in crisis, and the next generation is looking for answers. Len Munsil, former President of CAP and current President of Arizona Christian University talks about where to find the answers in this episode of Engage Arizona. Munsil and his wife, Dr. Tracy Munsil, Associate Professor at ACU and Executive Director of the school’s Cultural Resource Center, discuss how to equip young people for this cultural moment.

The Power of Voters: What NJ and VA tell AZ

Election 2022 is just a year away. Arizona will choose a new Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and new state lawmakers. As surprise results in New Jersey and Virginia show us, these off year elections are critical opportunities for voters to redirect policy with which they disagree. We discuss the results of the NJ and VA elections, what it means for Arizona, and what to expect next – plus the make up of Arizona’s coming election – in this episode of Engage Arizona.

The Decline of Decorum

Lawmaking, both state and national, greatly lack civility in today’s culture. How bad is it, and what is driving policy makers to jettison such a critical quality needed to get things done? We ask Arizona House Majority Leader Ben Toma for a glimpse inside the state Capitol and how he sees the dilemma in this episode of Engage Arizona. Rep. Toma has a unique perspective based on his own personal story of making his way to America as a boy. .

America Changing: Washington’s vision for your life

If it seems like changes are coming out of Washington DC faster than you can keep up, you’re not alone. Multi-trillion dollar spending bills with hidden pet projects, directives that undermine the foundation of American values, government overreach, and much more threaten our way of life and our children’s future. We get an update from Arizona’s U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Lesko on federal policies being considered that directly affect each one of us, and what we can do about them.
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