This will be the last Arizona Pastors’ Bulletin you will receive from Center for Arizona Policy (CAP).

Before I share the “big change,” I have a brief update on COVID-19 and your church. Gov. Ducey will convene a special session of the Arizona Legislature sometime in June. A key priority likely will be to address liability issues faced by businesses and others relative to individuals that may sue, alleging that the person contacted COVID-19 while at the business.

CAP will advocate strongly for churches, religious institutions, nonprofit organizations, PreK-12 private schools and universities to be included in that protection. We hope for widespread support for that language in any bill. Primarily, the bill would block a frivolous lawsuit from being filed where the entity has taken reasonable precautions to protect individuals from being exposed to COVID-19.

The Big Change

You know us – Center for Arizona Policy’s mission is to promote and defend foundational principles including life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.

A key part of our advocacy at the State Capitol has been and always will be to serve the body of Christ. CAP is an evangelical Christian organization and that is NOT changing. What else is not changing is CAP’s fervent advocacy for pastors, local churches, and religious freedom in Arizona.

But, every election cycle, we come to you to ask you to distribute our CAP Voter Guide. In 2020, CAP won’t be pressing you with calls and multiple emails asking how many copies of the printed Arizona Voter Guide you want for your church. While we’re as passionate about informing and educating voters as ever before, we recognize the changes that have occurred in many local churches. Rather than be potentially adversarial on a secondary matter for the church, we would much rather partner with it in matters of first importance. As such, we’ve launched a new initiative. Keep in mind, if you are a pastor and a church that wants the printed guide or flyers for your congregation, you can still order them here.

This is the big change I’m writing to you about today: we are pivoting away from the promotion of that type of election-related material through the local church and moving into an exciting new initiative.

Hopefully, you have seen the Arizona Capitol Project (ACP) emails from Chris St. John. Our focus is shifting from its primary election engagement focus for churches to one that serves to connect the shepherds of the government with the shepherds of the church. To read a little more about ACP and to get connected with Chris and this exciting new initiative, click here.

Part of the Arizona Capitol Project is an Honoring God initiative. Our goal with this initiative is to help pastors and churches equip their congregation to view government through the lens of the Scriptures, rather than through the lens of partisan politics. The main reason for the initiative is the Scriptures themselves, with the hope being to renew the minds of Christians in how God views government.

To see what I’m talking about, I hope you’ll view this Honoring God video from 2018:


Through ACP, we’ll provide the video and additional resources like bulletin inserts or power point slides for churches that are looking for these useful tools. None of these materials will mention specific candidates or races. The materials simply will encourage believers to honor God with their vote on election day.

If in the past you’ve been offended, had questions, or been put off by how CAP and I, personally, have asked you to engage in an election cycle, I ask your forgiveness. I hope you will give us a chance with this new vision to “un-silo” the good work that can be done between the church and state government. In addition, a big part of the initiative is short- and long-term missionaries at the Capitol. It’s an exciting time!

Chris is already meeting with pastors to the extent possible given COVID-19. If you’d like to connect with Chris, you can call him on his cell at (859) 312-0530 or email him at

Know you are also more than welcome to ask me anything about our new initiative by contacting me at or on my cell, (602) 570-6784. 

One Item That’s Not Changing

Praying for the elections will continue as we’ve done in the past with these dates (times to be announced).
Saturday, August 1 – Prayer for the Primary Election, indoor location to be announced
Sunday, November 1 – Prayer for the General Election at State Capitol

In Case You Need These Dates – 2020 Election Dates of Interest

2020 Arizona Primary Election Dates

July 6                 Deadline to register to vote in the Primary Election,  click here
July 8                 Early voting begins
August 4           Primary Election, click here to find your voting location

2020 General Election

October 5         Deadline to register to vote in the General Election, click here
October 7         Early voting begins
November 3    General Election

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