At the Arizona Capitol Project, our mission is to build a relationship between the shepherds of God’s Church and the government: from our Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., leaders in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, and the county and municipal government officials throughout Arizona. The mission is accomplished as intentional, one-on-one relationships are built that minister to them both personally as well as their unique role in elected leadership.

The Prophet Nathan and King David are excellent examples of this unique relationship in the Scriptures: Nathan was a friend to David, invested in building a relationship with him, and when David stepped out of line, Nathan restored him. We see this relationship modeled with Elijah and Ahab, Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, Joseph and Pharaoh, Jonah and the King of Nineveh, and many more.

Furthermore, though government’s primary purpose is to commend good and punish evil, it cannot determine good and evil on its own. Thus, we need pastors engaged as missionaries in the civil arena, because the government needs the Church to serve as its moral compass.

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Honoring God with our lives also includes our vote. At Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), we have produced resources each election year for voters to make informed decisions at the polls. This year is no different. Click here for Honoring God resources for the election season!


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