With the election behind us, let’s catch up on a few important news items.

Religious Freedom

The Washington State Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in the case of a florist fighting to live and work according to her deeply held religious beliefs. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys laid out Barronelle Stutzman’s case, arguing the 72 year-old grandmother does not give up her First Amendment right as a business owner.

Stutzman had served her homosexual customers for many years, but when her beliefs of biblical marriage led her to decline to take part in their same-sex wedding by creating floral arrangements, Washington State and the ACLU sued her for discrimination. This case goes to the core of whether an individual will retain their rights to free expression, speech, and belief or whether the government will compel one’s participation in events contrary to those rights. It’s not about discrimination. Read more about the case and Stutzman’s story here.

It could be several weeks or months before the Washington State Supreme Court justices make their decision. If they rule in the State’s favor, Stutzman stands to lose her business and her home because she stood fast, holding to her religious beliefs.

Free Speech Zones

Students at all 10 Maricopa County Community College District campuses can now speak freely anywhere on campus. The MCCCD had restricted students’ speech to within a small “free speech zone” during designated times. After a student filed suit, the MCCCD last week agreed to eliminate the unconstitutional restrictions.

Just this past session, legislators passed a CAP supported law making “free speech zones” illegal. The law also makes it easier for students to bring a suit against a college that attempts to use such zones to restrict free speech.

Preserving Life

A new report helps pro-life Americans find health insurance coverage under Obamacare that does not cover abortion on demand.

The Family Research Council and Charlotte Lozier Institute set up this site offering information on state laws regarding abortion coverage.  You will find the latest research here.

Fortunately, Arizonans don’t have to search out a plan. Legislators passed a CAP supported law last year ensuring elective abortions are not included in plans on the Obamacare exchange.

If you have loved ones in other states, open enrollment runs from November through the end of January 2017. So, they still have time to switch plans if theirs covers abortion on demand.


ICYMI – More News & Articles of Interest

  • Stutzman’s case (above) is one of many violations of the First Amendment, according to Ryan Anderson who spells out what needs to happen to restore religious freedom rights to Americans.  Read it here.
  • A California district attorney’s complaint against two companies accused of selling aborted baby body parts obtained from Planned Parenthood spells out a horrible for-profit scheme. Read here and here how each part had a price tag.
  • Intern at CAP this spring. We are currently looking for spring interns to join our team during the legislative session where you will gain real-life work experience in public policy.
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