Greetings from the Church Ambassador Network of Arizona! A new month brings a new name to our shepherd-to-shepherd initiative. Why? A few reasons. Allow me to explain.

Alignment. Our national partners are called the Church Ambassador Network (CAN) in the majority of the states. We are extremely fortunate to be aligned with a growing network that began in Iowa and has since expanded to Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana, Florida, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Delaware, and Arizona.

By taking the name of our allies, we become more readily identifiable at the national level. One example of that is governors from all over the country speak to one another and exchange ideas. At times, the Church Ambassador Network comes up. Using our new name, it’s easier for them to link us to the national network.

Scope. Simply put, this initiative is quickly expanding beyond the Capitol grounds. While the ministry remains laser focused on the legislature moving forward, we are expanding to the executive and judicial branches and where that ministry takes us. In short – that is beyond the Capitol itself.

Intention. Wherever we set foot in the public square, we are ambassadors. That word means something.

The Church Ambassador Network is not present in the halls of power in Arizona to represent a political party or an ideology. As representatives of a Third Country, we’re here first and foremost to help kings see who they are in Christ. Our new name leads with who we are. And of course, Joe and I have invited shepherds of local Arizona churches–you–to be the ambassadors. As of this writing, there are almost 100 of you working with us to represent our King in these halls of power!

It is an exciting time, and we are thrilled to make this announcement to you today. We ask you to be in prayer for us and prayerfully consider joining us in 2023.

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