Warning: There are more than 50 clinics throughout Arizona that serve women facing unplanned pregnancies. Under the shadowy label, “Pregnancy Resource Centers,” these centers supply resources to pregnant women, including baby clothes, formula, parenting classes, car seats, and other essentials. The audacity of these selfless volunteers and workers who run these nonprofits have the shocking potential to completely transform lives and save preborn babies. If left unrestrained to continue in these thoughtful acts, abortion may become unthinkable as well as illegal.

Consider yourself forewarned and do your duty to make sure every woman in your life knows the government is actually permitting these centers to free women from the harms and lies of abortion. Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling for every one of them to be shut down!

Seriously, Senator Warren of Massachusetts took to twitter to sound the alarm, writing “Crisis pregnancy centers outnumber legitimate abortion care providers 3 to 1…” She went on to accuse PRCs of “fooling” and “torturing” pregnant “people,” and called for each one to be shut down. Watch the video here.

Warren introduced a bill that will fine such organizations if they violate the act’s “prohibition on disinformation” relating to abortion. Without defining “disinformation,” one can only imagine what abortion information would be allowable under her bill.

The Massachusetts Attorney General warned: “Beware of crisis pregnancy centers that try to prevent people from accessing abortion care.”

New York’s Attorney General sent a letter to Google pressuring the company to limit access to PRCs online. Two Democrat U.S. Senators wrote to the head of Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiary Google to censor prop-life clinics on search results, ads, and maps.

Ironically, pro-abortion activists repeatedly and falsely claim pro-life advocates only care about the unborn babies, and only until they’re born. But they also admit pregnancy resource centers, which serve women both before and after they give birth, outnumber abortion clinics 3 – 1 nationwide (closer to 5-1 in Arizona).  So, activists deny we are helping women and babies, while also calling for help centers to be shut down.

None of that is mentioned, of course, in “investigations” done by pro-abortion activists, which – surprise – conclude that PRCs don’t offer abortions and warn women of the physical and emotional risks of abortion. The activists then use these “studies” to lobby politicians to cancel PRCs.

The recent attacks on PRCs, including the crass new nick name of “Predatory Crisis Pregnancy Centers” smack of a desperate attempt to discredit people and organizations dedicated to caring for women, serving them and their preborn babies. This, in an effort to keep the money and political power the abortion industry accumulated under Roe over the last 50 years.

These recent examples are in addition to the physical attacks, including firebombing of pro-life pregnancy resource centers throughout the country leading up to the overturning of Roe.


Perhaps the most effective rebuttal on social media is a picture inside a PRC, showing rows of baby clothes and other supplies. I doubt many women facing unplanned pregnancies see that and think, “predatory.”

In addition, Oklahoma’s Governor issued an Executive Order protecting pregnancy resource centers and encouraging other pro-life efforts.

And Erin Hawley, Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel told a U.S. House Committee Wednesday that PRCs served 1.85 million families and provided $266 million worth of much needed resources to women in 2019.

One recent study found expectant mothers who visit PRCs are about 20% less likely to abort than those who don’t visit a PRC. Charlotte Lozier Institute estimates PRCs have saved more than 828,000 preborn babies over the past five years.

Success is the best revenge.

We should all be doing our part to support these pregnancy resource centers that continue to serve women and their babies, even in the face of ugly and dangerous opposition. Now is the time to make a special gift to your local pregnancy resource center. If you need to identify one, Arizona Life Coalition has a list here.


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