Executive Order a Veiled Threat to Parents

A sweeping Executive Order (EO) from President Biden aims to unilaterally dictate public policy throughout the country with a swipe of a pen in an effort to counter state laws protecting children from a dangerous, sexualized movement. With President Biden’s EO, he continues the practice of using federal departments to basically legislate an LGBTQ agenda, one that could easily lead to governmental removal of children from homes.

The effort aims to undermine states, including Arizona, that have passed laws protecting children, parental rights, and religious freedom in the midst of intense pressure to embrace and celebrate the LGBTQ agenda.

The EO empowers Health and Human Services and the Department of Education to carry out the effort to silence opposition and squelch dissent.

Under the Order, the President calls for federal departments to:

  • Pressure states to promote puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender surgeries for minors, and dismantle state protections against such experimental practices.
  • End access to counseling to address unwanted same-sex attraction or gender struggles, while expanding access to counseling to affirm same-sex attraction and transgender identities. The CDC will be charged with “researching” families that do not affirm a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity. This is a dangerous step toward removing children from parents who do not comply with the government’s sexual ethic.
  • Issue new LGBTQ affirming guidelines for mental health professionals.
  • Remove state protections for foster care agencies that function according to their religious beliefs.
  • Prioritize the LGBTQ community for federal assistance programs.
  • Advance the LGBTQ agenda in schools and prisons.
  • Implement so-called special protections for elderly LGBTQ adults.

CAP ally, Family Policy Alliance (FPA) released this statement on the presidential overreach and its potential destruction of religious and speech freedoms, and parental rights. Here is a joint statement from the FPA and Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), a feminist organization that shares a vital concern about the transgender movement.

The EO claims transgender youth suicide rates fall when the kids are affirmed. But Heritage Foundation calls out the flaws in that false narrative, and shows how research actually reveals the opposite.

On The Growing Rage of Roe

For some pro-abortion activists, it’s not enough to destroy life in the womb, they must also destroy property, threaten, and bully those who disagree into submission.

Since the Dobbs draft opinion poised to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked over a month ago, radical activists have vandalized several pro-life organizations and one man is accused of threatening the life of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh. Little has been said about it in the news since the incident. Over a week has passed since a sitting Supreme Court Justice was in imminent danger of assassination because of his views on Roe – and it is already old news.

At least one major news outlet did report on a call to action by the activist group, “Ruth Sent Us,” challenging pro-abortion activists to protest Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home. This, on the same day police arrested the would-be assassin at Justice Kavanagh’s home. The social media post included Justice Coney Barrett’s family schedule, their church, and her children’s school.

Still, the vandalism continues. This report counts nearly 60 attacks on pro-life organizations, churches, and individuals. It includes everything from firebombing pregnancy resource centers to leud demonstrations inside churches, to physical assaults on individuals at pro-life rallies.

In addition, activists have set ablaze a number of pro-life organizations and protesters, one nearly naked, disrupted Catholic church services.

A pro-abortion anarchist group called “Jane’s Revenge” has taken responsibility for some of the attacks. Members posted a call to action, challenging activists to “unleash hell” and threatened a “night of rage” the day the Supreme Court issues the Dobbs ruling.

The latest warning from the group came Wednesday, threatening “open season” on any pro-life organization that does not close its doors for good.

Still, there has been no word of arrests and little condemnation from federal officials. Over a 100 U.S. House Republicans called on the Attorney General to investigate the organized violence.

Oh, the irony.


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