Sex Ed: A Parental Rights Issue

Some kindergartners in Arizona are learning about sensitive body parts through the 3R’s program. Some 4th graders are learning details of sex in the FLASH Curriculum. In California, it’s even worse. Some 4th graders are taught pornography is normal, and 2nd graders learn details we won’t discuss here.

In an effort to keep parents in control of their children’s education, rollback the inappropriate lessons, and keep the worst from creeping in from other states, CAP is supporting SB 1456, sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto. The bill prohibits sex education before 5th grade in Arizona district and charter schools. It also requires schools provide the sex ed curricula for grades 5-12 for parental review. Parents would then have to opt-in their child for sex ed if they so choose. It would also require parental opt-in for instruction about HIV, AIDS, sexual orientation and gender identity. Requiring parents to opt-in rather than opt-out better protects students from inadvertent sex ed or sensitive curriculum that parents do not want their children exposed to at school.

Under SB 1456, the district or charter’s governing body must approve all sex ed curricula, but the process of approval must included:

  • Any meetings on sex education curricula posted at least two weeks prior to the meeting and available for public comment.
  • Making any proposed sex ed course of study available and accessible for review and public comment for at least 60 days prior to approval.
  • Holding at least two public hearings, including the submission of written comments, within the 60 days prior to approval.

These requirements will ensure parents have access to all the information they need to decide whether the sex education curricula at their child’s school is appropriate for their child.

Testimony on the bill this week included parents and educators who have witnessed inappropriate material among sex ed curricula. One mother spoke of the vulgar discussion one teacher had with students, including her son, that ended in a number of students leaving class. She testified, “The teacher used Jack and Jill body parts and gave a seductive, inappropriate assignment… I was given no notice of this or a chance to opt-out my son.”

One educator showed a book she and other teachers were given to use to teach the “spectrum of genders” to elementary school children in all courses of study.

SB 1456 doesn’t dictate or prohibit any curriculum in grades 5-12, including sex ed, HIV and AIDS, sexual orientation or gender identity. It does ensure parents have the opportunity to access that curricula, and decide what is best for their children.

Even with much opposition, the bill made it through the House Judiciary Committee by a party line vote of 6-4. It already passed the Senate, and it has a few more hurdles before it makes it to the House floor for a final vote. Follow its progress here.

Other Bills This Week

The Arizona House Health and Human Services Committee passed SB 1254 this week with a 5-4 vote. This bill ensures the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services makes adoption information easily accessible and readily available on its website.

The Arizona House Ways and Means Committee passed SB 1273 by a party line vote of 6-4. This bill allows students with school tax credit scholarships to use those scholarships to pay for school related extra curricular activities.

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