Conversion Therapy Bans and Puberty Blockers Harm Children

Conversion Therapy Bans and Puberty Blockers Harm Children

by Mar 13, 20205 Minutes for Families, Feature

Your son comes to you in his teenage years. Say he’s 15. Another boy has asked your son out on a date. Your son has wrestled with his sexual orientation and is struggling whether to go on this date. Yet, your son does not want to change his sexual orientation to homosexuality. He wants your help as a parent to overcome and deal with any same-sex attraction. Like any parent, you seek out options with an emphasis on sending your son to a licensed therapist.

Well, twenty states, District of Columbia, and Pima County won’t allow you as a parent to send your son for counseling to a trained, licensed counselor. Virginia is the most recent state to prohibit so-called conversion therapy for children under the age of 18. In reality, these laws are counseling bans, unconstitutionally restricting the free speech of licensed counselors; the government prohibiting parents from seeking help requested by their minor children harms children.

The term “conversion therapy” has been used to cover many types of counseling. Take time to read World Magazine’s recent investigative report showing the bans are misguided and even harmful to children. For further reading, check out National Review’s “What is ‘Conversion Therapy’?”

Consider further the sad story of Keira, a now 23-year old female in England, who was prescribed puberty blockers at age 16, then hormones, then gender “reassignment surgery” to live life as a male. Keira says she should have been challenged more and that no one was there to say anything different. After only three one-hour appointments, Keira was put on a path to transition from female to male. Now, at 23, she is no longer living as a male. Tragically though, she is scarred for life.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden recently stated, “Let’s be clear: Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time.” For a biblical worldview response, read a recent helpful blog post by Joe Dallas with this opening paragraph:

“When Presidential hopefuls equate the transgender movement with the Civil Rights Movement (see herehere, and here) then we’d best face the obvious: Christians believing there are only two sexes, neither of which is changeable and both of which are God-ordained, are in the cross-hairs of some awfully big guns.”

The concerns raised above are only a small sample of why it is incumbent on each one of us to engage in this year’s elections. Starting with prayer, then moving to being registered to vote, then casting educated votes for candidates that share your values. Should the legislature “flip” to those favoring legislation that bans “conversion therapy,” you can be assured that these bills will be considered right away and likely pass. No less than freedom is at stake –freedom for children, parents, and counselors.


  • Two books helpful on the transgender issues: Andrew Walker’s, God and the Transgender Debate and Ryan T. Anderson’s, When Harry Became Sally.
  • Keep informed about the latest on the coronavirus by checking the latest from CDC, and read about what is going on here in Arizona related to the virus.
  • Joseph Backholm counters a common misconception about free speech in his latest What Would You Say? video on BreakPoint.

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