BREAKING NEWS: Betrayed by Planned Parenthood

Mayra Rodriguez is not the first woman to be betrayed by Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant is responsible for many broken hearts – as well as millions of lost lives.

What makes Mayra’s story unique is that Mayra got the last word. She called out the political powerhouse on a slew of dangerous practices, ignored safety procedures, and a willingness to break the law in an effort to protect its abortion business.

You may have read about Mayra’s recent victory over Planned Parenthood Arizona, but now you can hear the compelling story in her own words. Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) recently sat down with Mayra to discuss her tale of betrayal and courage which ultimately dealt the abortion giant a powerful blow.

Incidentally, it was a jury of 10 self-proclaimed pro-choice Arizonans who ruled in favor of Mayra and sent Planned Parenthood Arizona the $3 million dollar tab.

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