Check your mailboxes!

Today is the start of early voting for the General Election for all of Tucson, all of Yuma, and some districts in Phoenix. Be sure to cast your vote, sign the ballot envelope, and place the envelope back into the mail.

At, Center for Arizona Policy gave all the candidates an opportunity to respond to its survey. If a candidate declined to respond, their contact information is listed next to their name. If you’d like to request the candidate complete the survey, you can download a blank survey to send to them here

If they did respond, simply click on the candidate’s name to view their responses to CAP’s survey of key issues. 

Below is a summary of the candidates in the races. Find your city and district:


Phoenix – Vote by District (Voters may only select 1 candidate for each)

City Council District 4

Justin Johnson – Declined to respond. Contact 602.722.9690 or

Laura Pastor – Declined to respond. Contact 602.234.9735 or

City Council District 8

Kate Gallego – Declined to respond. Contact 623.565.8611 or

Warren Stewart – Declined to respond. Contact 602.920.1808 or


Tucson – City-wide (Voters may only select 1 candidate for each)

City Council Ward 3

Ben Buehler-Garcia (R) – Declined to respond. Contact 520.241.9557 or

Karin Uhlich (D) – Declined to respond. Contact 520.314.7797 or

City Council Ward 5

Richard Fimbres (D)

Mike Polak (R) – Declined to respond. Contact 520.574.9323 or

City Council Ward 6

Steve Kozachik (D) – Declined to respond. Contact 520.344.2362 or



City-wide (voters may select up to 3 candidates)

William Craft – Declined to respond. Contact 732.723.8025 or

Paul Johnson – Declined to respond. Contact 928.373.5002 or

Gary Knight

Gary Wright– Declined to respond. Contact 928.699.7039 or


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