-This post was written by CAP Communications Coordinator Tyler Hudgins

Nancy is participating in organizing the 40 Days for Life prayer event outside the Phoenix abortion clinic, Family Planning Associates. The 40 Days for Life campaign is praying over abortion clinics in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, and Chandler from September 25 to November 3. 


Nancy volunteers because it was difficult as a mom to watch the doctor try pressuring her daughter into choosing late-term abortion for her preborn child. It was detected that MarcAnthony (Nancy’s grandson) was missing part of his skull and that it would be better to terminate because he wouldn’t live that long. Nancy’s daughter decided against the abortion as she couldn’t imagine ending the life of her own child or risking her own maternal health. MarcAnthony lived for 7 months and the memory of him is what pushes Nancy to minister to other women through 40 Days for Life.

Just this week while volunteering, Nancy had the opportunity to talk with a woman who was pressured into having an abortion by her husband a few years prior. The woman said she felt like “she died inside” with the aborting of her preborn child. After ministering to her, Nancy said “God bless you.” The lady happily replied, “I know I was blessed by God today!” and she told her, “I’m glad that I was here when you came by.”

Visit www.azpolicy.org/get-involved/events for more information about 40 Days for Life volunteer opportunities! They could use YOUR help!

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