One of the most frequently asked questions we receive during elections season is “Why do candidates decline to respond?”

Simply put, the answer is “We don’t know.”

CAP’s Voter Guide is nonpartisan and straight forward. We treat every candidate the same and follow up with candidates multiple times to give them every opportunity to respond.

This year, CAP sent out its survey for to all the candidates running for local office in Phoenix, Prescott, Surprise, Tucson, and Yuma. Below are the candidates who declined to respond. If there is a candidate in your district that you would like to hear from on the issues, feel free to tweet them a blank version of the original survey.

City of Phoenix


City District 2

Virgel Cain – @Cain4PhxCouncil;

City Council District 4

Jeffrey Brown –
Dan Carrol – @DanCarroll4Phx;
Austin Head – @HEAD4PHX;
Justin Johnson – @johnson4phoenix;
David Lujan – @DavidLujan;
Laura Pastor – @Pastor4Council;

City Council District 6

Karlene Keogh Parks – @karlene4council;

City Council District 8

Kate Gallego – @KateWGallego;
Lawrence Robinson – @LawrenceFromPhx;
Warren Stewart – @stewart4phx;

City of Prescott



Lindsay Bell –
Marlin Kuykendall –

City Council

Steve Blair –
Ellie Laumark –
Greg Lazzell –
Jean Wilcox –

City of Surprise


City Council District 1

Ted Cimino – @TedCimino;
Daniel Flores –

City Council District 5

Eric Cultum –
Skipp Hall –

City Council District 6

Randy Miller –

City of Tucson


City Council Ward 3

Ben Buehler-Garcia (R) – @VoteBenCitywide;
Karin Uhlich (D) – @karinuhlich;

City Council Ward 5

Mike Polak (R) –

City Council Ward 6

Steve Kozachik (D) – @steve4tucson;

City of Yuma



Raul Mendoza –
Douglas Nicholls –

City Council

Lukas Abplanalp – @lukea;
William Craft –
M. Renee Huff – @rhuff1;
Paul Johnson –
Jacob Miller –
Mauro Daniel Sanchez –
Gary Wright –

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