How does abortion harm women? Why does marriage matter? What are the free speech rights of college students?

These are a few of the questions answered in Center for Arizona Policy’s latest publication The Policy Pages: A Guide to Family Issues found online at This free online resource provides an in-depth look at some of the most critical issues of our time concerning life, marriage and family, religious liberty, judicial reform, and civics.

With the start of the legislative session, legislators will be debating a variety of topics that impact our families. It’s vital that Arizonans understand the issues, and recognize the importance of promoting and protecting foundational principles. The Policy Pages provides an accessible and user-friendly resource for students, parents, pastors, and anyone interested in understanding how public policy impacts families.

There are more than 40 issue briefs available on These briefs include the latest research and information on topics including:

  • The Facts about Fetal Development
  • The State of Law on Marriage
  • Harms of Divorce
  • School Choice
  • The Truth about the Separation of Church and State
  • The Role of Judges
  • Why Public Policy Matters

The dynamic website will be updated regularly when new research and information is published.

For more information, visit

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