This post is a part of our ongoing series discussing the importance of protecting marriage as the union between a man and a woman.

Over the weekend, New York’s same-sex “marriage” law went into effect. The National Review Online spoke with some of the nation’s leading experts on the topic and got their reaction. Read the story here. These leaders have some very interesting thoughts.

One important point to make: The battle for marriage is far from over, and despite what happened in New York, the reality is most Americans still understand why it’s critical for marriage to remain only the union of one man and one woman. It’s disappointing to see some people buy into the media hype that same-sex “marriage” is an inevitability. Reality is that no matter how well-funded our opponents are or how many celebrity endorsements they get, the facts are that true marriage serves a very distinct purpose for our society, and the voters realize this.

Endure. Pray without ceasing. In all things, give thanks to God.

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