My first voting experience was in the 2008 Presidential primaries. I woke up early and raced to the closest voting station, determined to beat the crowd. But when I arrived, no one was there but several sweet ladies waiting to give me instructions and a bright, red “I Voted!” sticker.

I wore that sticker with pride, but the condescending looks I received for my youthful exuberance left me wondering. The submission of my ballot had felt embarrassingly anticlimactic, like I had expected ticker tape to fall when I pressed the submit button.

That empty voting station left me disenchanted. Where were the lines of enthusiastic voters? Many people avoid Election Day because they feel their vote doesn’t carry impact. The cynics discourage us, the dedicated shame us, and motivation is hard to come by.
Weary voters may be motivated, however, by the fact that our country has a history of close elections that have had a huge impact.
Surely the victors in these elections did not undervalue the few extra votes that ushered them into office. Neither should you doubt the influence of your own ballot. Your vote can be decisive in the upcoming Arizona elections. Now more than ever, there is urgency for believers statewide to wield the power of their vote. 

June 26th and July 3rd are CAP voter registration Sundays. CAP has created a Voter Registration Kit with everything you need to start a registration drive at your church. Talk with your pastor to see if this is something you can do, then click here to order your kit.

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