Dr. Dobson will be in Phoenix in less than 2 weeks for the CAP Family Dinner.

Cathi sent out a note earlier this week talking about why this year’s event is going to be so significant for us.

“Without a doubt, one of Dr. Dobson’s most significant achievements comes from his critical role in establishing organizations like CAP, Alliance Defense Fund, and Family Research Council. It was Dr. Dobson’s visionary leadership that sparked the Family Policy Council movement more than 25 years ago. His vision for state-based groups addressing issues impacting the family led to the establishment of Center for Arizona Policy in 1995.”

Working at CAP, I’m well aware of Dr. Dobson’s work – how he is one of the driving forces behind the family movement and how he awakened so many of us to the need to engage in public policy. When I think about Dr. Dobson and I talk with friends about him, I’m amazed by how many testimonies have been impacted by his work.

Dr. Dobson impacted my testimony during college when my then girlfriend Рnow wife, Maria, attended the Focus on the Family Institute. I was still a young Christian at that time, and was coming to understand how becoming a Christ-follower radically changes the way you see the world.

Most nights, Maria and I would talk on the phone about what they discussed at the Institute that day. It was the first time someone presented to me (and I was willing to hear) the pro-life stance. The logic, love, and biblical base of what she was being taught was undeniable. Those late night conversations played a huge role in my getting involved in this movement and joining the CAP team.

CAP’s Development Manager Ann told me the story of her niece who loved reading Clubhouse Magazine – a publication by Focus on the Family – and was so excited when she got her picture in the “U-Send” section. Ann’s niece is the one in the upper left corner, talking about how she read the entire bible in two years – and yes, that is a replica of Jesus’ empty tomb made entirely of cake that she’s posing with.

I asked Ann and some other’s to share their stories about Dr. Dobson in this video. When you think of Dr. Dobson, what comes to mind? How has he, or one of the many ministries he’s sparked changed or impacted your life?

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