Your Senator will be voting very soon on a bill to strengthen laws against predators who sell children for sex. HB 2411 reestablishes an Arizona law requiring any adult found guilty of engaging in child prostitution to face consecutive sentencing.

When this bill was considered in the House of Representatives, it originally failed (29-29-2). After you responded to our Action Alert, it passed on a reconsideration vote (44-14-2). This bill needs your help once again!

Opponents of HB 2411 argue that judges should have the discretion to show leniency to offenders who are caught putting minors on the street as prostitutes. But there is no instance where these predators should be let off the hook, and your senator needs to hear that from you!


– Contact your legislator by clicking here. Let them know we must protect children who have been forced into sex slavery by strengthening penalties against any predator who engages in child prostitution.

– Forward this email to like-minded friends and family and encourage them to contact their legislator to stand up for HB 2411.

– Pray for the passage of this bill and for children across Arizona who are being raped for profit.


– HB 2411 reestablishes the standard for sentencing predators which was inadvertently removed in 2010. This bill does not institute any new requirements.

– Consecutive sentencing strengthens Arizona law to help law enforcement protect vulnerable children. Just as Arizona’s tough DUI laws deter drinking and driving, tough child prostitution laws will deter predators from engaging in child prostitution.

– No one who engages in child prostitution deserves leniency. HB 2411 ensures these predators face the strongest penalties possible for profiting from rape of children.

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