When I say it’s time to get to work, just weeks after an election, I’m not trying to be provocative… it’s the truth. I’m saying that our opponents do not rest, so we can’t either. I’ll let them speak for themselves:

“We know where Amy Coney Barrett stands, and her confirmation to the Supreme Court puts our reproductive health care at even greater risk. But know this: we’ll never stop fighting to protect your rights and health care.” – Planned Parenthood Action AZ via Twitter, following the Senate confirmation of Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court

Like I said, they do not rest. And neither can we. The more we do now to go into 2021 on a solid footing, the better shape we will be in the months ahead, when the next barrage of attacks against life, family, and religious freedom will confront us.

The state legislative results mean we can move Arizona forward with significant policy proposals.  Yes, the margin of victory was razor thin. But the good news is we have a real opportunity to go on the offense in Arizona!

The Arizona Senate will have 16 pro-life senators to 14 pro-abortion senators. The Arizona House will be at 31 to 29.

Already we are focused on a 2021 legislative agenda that includes:

  • Funding to provide abortion alternatives for women actively seeking to have an abortion
  • Strengthening Arizona’s strong pro-life laws even more with protections for preborn children with disabilities and guarding against widespread distribution of abortion-inducing drugs
  • Declaring in state law that religion is an essential service, limiting the ability of government to halt or restrict church services and other faith-based activities
  • Expanding the ability of parents to choose the education best meeting their children’s needs
  • Keeping girls’ sports a competitive environment
  • Advancing parental rights and oversight when schools promote comprehensive sex education
  • And on and on . . .

We have no room for error—no room for complacency.

In fact, Arizona is already being transformed. One of the biggest sources of this change comes from Californians escaping the dystopia they created with their progressive politics—the same progressive politics many of them want to bring here.

To those freedom-loving Americans fleeing the Left Coast, we need to invite them to join with us in making Arizona one of the best states in which to raise a family. We have to say with a clear and unequivocal voice: DON’T CALIFORNIA OUR ARIZONA!

Don’t turn Arizona—our dynamic economy, our strong school-choice options, our science-based affirmation of the biological reality of sex, and our still intact but imperiled respect for life and family—into yet another failed experiment in left-wing governance.

This is the state we love, so this is where we stand and fight. And with your best year-end, tax-deductible donation today of $35, $50, $100, $500, or even more or more you can tell the lavishly funded secular Left that Arizonans aren’t going to just roll over.

Not while our faith, our families, and our freedoms are at stake.

Implementing our 2021 legislative agenda won’t be easy. The closeness of the election means we can’t afford to lose one vote of those that ran on a freedom-loving, pro-life platform. We have our work cut out for us.

We know what the left wants—we’ve seen it in the defeated proposals here in Arizona, and in the absolutely crazy laws being passed all over the country. Their agenda includes:

  • To allow boys professing a female “gender identity” to play in girls’ sports
  • To force business owners such as florists, bakers, and venue owners to violate their religious beliefs to celebrate gay marriage or be driven out of business
  • To use the coronavirus to expand government control over faith communities, businesses, schools, and families

We simply can’t let this happen. Arizona is among the most pro-family, pro-life states in the union, and—with your help—the Center for Arizona Policy is going to continue to lead the fight against the radical billionaires who resent this fact.

In addition to promoting and seeing passed an aggressive state legislative agenda, CAP’s priorities for 2021 are as follows:

  • Driving the conversation by Speaking Boldly in all media platforms on key issues like life and religious freedom
  • Expanding our reach by monitoring school boards and local governments to stand against radical sex education curriculums and to secure religious freedom and parents’ rights
  • Mobilizing the grassroots by recruiting activists statewide to undergird our efforts

To effectively meet these opportunities and threats ahead, I must be able to recruit and hire new team members to grow our base, speak to issues at all levels of government, and be ready with a strong voice and presence for 2022 and beyond. That takes significant resources.

We need to capitalize on the wins of 2020 and keep our momentum going into the new year! Your end-of-year gift of $35, $50, $100, $500, or even more to Center for Arizona Policy will help us do just that!

I thank God for his blessings on the families of Arizona this year, and for giving us friends and supporters like you to join us in defending what is most dear to us!

And I thank you for Speaking Boldly for family, for life, and for freedom as we do so on your behalf. We are poised and ready to make great gains in 2021 and beyond, and ministry friends like YOU make this work possible!


Cathi Herrod, Esq.

P.S. We know the progressive Left is focusing on Arizona. Please stand with Center for Arizona Policy in defense of Arizona and in defense of the right to life, parental rights, religious freedom, and educational freedom! This is your last chance in 2020 to make a tax-deductible contribution today of  to Center for Arizona Policy. Please give what you can today, and thank you! You may also mail your gift to: Center for Arizona Policy, P.O. Box 97250, Phoenix, AZ 85060

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