CAP-Supported HB 2586: Harmful Website Content; Age Verification


Holds a commercial entity that manages a website or produces content for a website civilly liable if it does not perform a “reasonable age verification method” and knowingly publishes on its website content that is harmful to minors.

Bill Status:

04/08/2024 Vetoed by Governor

Bill History:

04/08/2024 Vetoed by Governor

04/01/2024 Passed Senate Third Read (16-12)

03/11/2024 Passed Senate Transportation, Technology and Missing Children (4-3)

03/05/2024 Senate Second Read

03/04/2024 Senate First Read

03/04/2024 Referred to Senate Transportation, Technology and Missing Children

02/28/2024 Passed House Third Read (32-27)

02/21/2024 Passed House Committee of the Whole

02/06/2024 House Caucus

02/05/2024 House Rules

01/31/2024 Passed House Judiciary (4-3-0)

01/23/2024 House Second Read

01/22/2024 House First Read

01/11/2024 Bill Introduced


Bill Versions:

Introduced version here.

House Engrossed version here.


PDF Factsheet

PDF Español


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