We invite you to come alongside us to defend our shared values against the radical, secular Left that is coming to turn our state blue this election year.

I’m sure you’ve heard that we are truly in a defensive posture here in Arizona. In 2019, CAP kept a watchful eye on many bills that quite frankly, are deeply frightening—specifically infanticide and the repeal of the ban on partial-birth abortion.

Arizona has been at a tipping point for some time now, and is ground zero in the contemporary Left’s effort to press forward its anti-family, anti-life, secularist agenda. Undoubtedly the Left will pour a great deal of money into Arizona for the 2020 election. This is simply not the time to back down. We must do something.

In 2020, CAP is forging ahead with a stronger staff and network than ever before. We are committed to holding on to the pro-life, pro-family, pro-parental rights, and pro-freedom gains won over the last 25 years we’ve existed. Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve made great strides. And God willing, we can hold the line in 2020!

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