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There’s More to Martha

Not too many people can say they’ve flown a fighter jet – even fewer women can make that claim. There are a lot of things Senator Martha McSally has done that impress and inspire the Arizonans she represents in the U.S. Senate. We’re not talking politics now. We’re getting to know the woman who carved a way for herself in a man’s world, and the character built by trials and triumphs along the way.

The Ballot Box: Where Faith and Culture Collide

We hear a lot about the “Evangelical vote” during an election year. But characterizing this group of voters is not that simple, according to George Barna, the founder of The Barna Group. Barna’s many years in market research and studying the religious beliefs and behavior of Americans have convinced him we are in need of a cultural transformation. Now at Arizona Christian University’s Culture Research Center, Barna works to assist that transformation and impact faith and culture. Hear his fascinating insights on Engage Arizona.

What happens when you change your mind? The facts about abortion pill rescue.

Jor-El Godsey leads the world’s largest leadership supply line for the pregnancy help movement by providing accurate information, training, and daily support to women and couples at risk for abortion. Being on the front lines of the pro-life movement, Jor-El shares his professional expertise on how to communicate some of the most controversial issues of our time. In this episode, we discuss the truth about Abortion Pill Rescue, the role of Pregnancy Resource Centers, and how to cut through the noise of media and the abortion industry to get women accurate, reliable information.

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