Understanding Pride Month Through a Biblical Worldview with Dr. Andrew T. Walker

Guest: Dr. Andrew T. Walker

Summary: In this episode, Andrew T. Walker delves into how to understand the LGBT movement and Pride Month from a biblical perspective. Reflecting on a recent webinar, Andrew discusses the current cultural landscape and the role of socially conservative Christians. He offers insights on the challenges and opportunities faced by believers today, emphasizing the importance of standing firm in biblical truth amidst societal shifts.

Key Points:

  • Biblical Response to Pride: Andrew begins by addressing the importance of understanding Pride from a biblical perspective and challenges the prevailing narratives.
  • Cultural Shifts: He argues that there has never been a better time to be a socially conservative Christian, citing the increasing societal fatigue with the excesses of the LGBT movement.
  • Revenge of the Normies: Andrew introduces the concept of the “revenge of the normies,” referring to regular Americans pushing back against cultural overreach.
  • Corporate America and Pride: He discusses the backlash against corporate America’s Pride campaigns, citing examples like Target and Bud Light.
  • The Role of Truth: Andrew emphasizes the unchanging nature of God’s Word amidst a constantly shifting culture.
  • Historical Context: He reflects on past cultural battles, noting the vindication of social conservatives’ warnings about the consequences of the sexual revolution.
  • Teachable Moments: He uses the current cultural climate as a teachable moment to highlight the enduring truth of biblical principles.
  • The Transgender Movement: Andrew critiques the internal inconsistencies of the LGBT movement, particularly the conflicts between LGB and T ideologies.
  • Encouragement for Believers: He concludes with an encouraging message for socially conservative Christians, urging them to see the defense of biblical truth as a thrilling and rewarding endeavor.


  • “There has never been a better time to be a socially conservative Christian than right now.”
  • “Truth finds a way to reassert itself when we learn the consequences of what is false.”
  • “Faithful witness to the truth means active willingness to state the truth.”

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