AZ FREE NEWS: Sen. Kerr Introduces Bill To Ensure Safety And Privacy For Women And Girls

by | Feb 13, 2024 | In The News

In a significant move to protect girls’ and women’s rights in Arizona, Senator Sine Kerr introduced SB 1628, the Arizona Women’s Bill of Rights. Authored by Daniel Stefanski for AZ Free News, the article reports on the bill’s aim to define “sex” based on “biological sex” and preserve single-sex spaces for women’s safety and privacy. Stefanski writes:

In a statement that accompanied the announcement, Senator Kerr said, “Laws should be based in objective reality and uniform for all Arizonans. Men and boys have been encroaching on girls’ and women’s private spaces, like locker rooms and showers, as well as sports teams, robbing women from athletic opportunities and putting them in danger as they face physically stronger males in competition. SB 1628 supports women and girls in their rights to privacy, fairness, and safety on the playing field.”

 Paula Scanlan, supporting Kerr’s efforts, emphasized the bill’s potential to safeguard over 3.5 million Arizona women from such injustices, drawing from her personal experience in collegiate athletics, where she was put up against Lia Thomas, formally Will Thomas. Scanlan is quoted in the story:

“Having experienced firsthand the injustices of inviting males into women’s private areas and allowing them to steal athletic accolades from young ladies dedicating their lives to their chosen sports, I know the incredible importance of having legislation that stops these reckless new norms.”

SB 1628 is poised for a Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing Tuesday, February 13, 2024. Read the full story here.

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