AZ FREE NEWS: Pro-Lifers Launch Campaign To Oppose Amendment Legalizing Abortion Up To Birth

by | Jan 16, 2024 | In The News

AZ Free News published a story by Corinne Murdock noting that a new campaign, “It Goes Too Far” (IGTF), is actively opposing a proposed constitutional amendment in Arizona that would legalize abortion up until birth. The campaign manager Leisa Brug, argues that the amendment, deceptively named “Arizona Abortion Access Act,” poses significant risks to the safety and well-being of girls and women. She is quoted in the story as saying:

“Arizona abortion laws should protect girls and women, not put them at greater risk, but this amendment asks voters to expand abortion while cutting safety precautions,” said Brug. “What happened to the prized doctor-patient relationship? This takes the required qualified medical doctor out of the doctor-patient relationship and leaves women in the hands of unqualified providers. That is not making the health and safety of women a priority.”

IGTF also raises concerns about the amendment’s potential to shield sex abusers, as it prohibits penalizing those who assist someone in obtaining an abortion. The campaign warns that the amendment’s classification of abortion as a “fundamental right” could force taxpayers to finance abortions, infringing on personal beliefs and conscience. Murdock writes:

IGTF spokeswoman Olivia Escobedo told AZ Free News that their supporters are showing up wherever Arizona Abortion Access Act signature gatherers are situated in order to educate voters on the issue. “Our supporters are there to let people know how dangerous this amendment is,” said Escobedo. “It has so many hidden agendas in the broad language.” As part of that effort, IGTF established a database to report where the pro-abortion signature-gatherers set up camp.

Read the full story here.

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