Hobbs’ Speech Distinctly Anti-Women, Anti-Parent, Anti-Unborn

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ State of the State speech today was replete with anti-family rhetoric and leftist platitudes.

First, Hobbs should leave parenting to parents and trust them to direct their children’s education as state law provides. Privately educated herself, Governor Hobbs knows firsthand the benefits of finding an educational environment that best suits students’ needs.

Instead of celebrating increasingly popular educational freedom programs like Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA), Governor Hobbs attacks parental rights and Arizona families by threatening to take over the private education system using unsubstantiated claims and innuendo.

Governor Hobbs falsely claimed that parents are given a “blank check” for their children’s education. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I call on Governor Hobbs to take the time to actually find out why parents want educational freedom and how the program actually operates and holds parents accountable.

Second, women deserve better than what Governor Hobbs offers under the guise of health care. She continued her assault on commonsense safeguards for girls and women facing an unplanned pregnancy, as she pushed for expanding abortion beyond the current 15-week limit. Governor Hobbs has yet to support any limits on abortion, putting her out of touch with most Arizonans.

Governor Hobbs has spent more time insulting Arizona parents and lobbying for an extreme abortion constitutional amendment that uses vague language and broad exemptions to legalize abortion up to birth and remove safety protections for girls and women than governing “for all Arizonans” as she promised a year ago.

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