None of The Above

You probably perceive it, but now we know that the number of Americans who have stepped away from organized religion has significantly increased over the past few decades. Those who do not belong to or practice a particular religious faith has grown from about 5% in the early 1990s to nearly 30% today. One Arizona report put the number here at 36%. We call this group the Nones.

Having 30% of the nation’s population living fully from a secular worldview has an undeniable effect on the whole country.

I recently attended the Center for Civil Society conference where they broke down how this happened and what to do about it.

The premise was that Americans have been hypnotized little by little, starting with the origin of time and the purpose of mankind.

Ideas have consequences. The idea that human beings are malleable in their raw existence, a sort of plastic anthropology subject to one’s own choosing. The end result leads to the belief that, for example, someone is not simply struggling with gender identity, they are “transgender.”

If there is no creator or plan for mankind, we evolve upward, in theory. Transhumanism combines biology and technology to create a more advanced human being; a being who is nothing but a cog, used for productivity in service to the state and for the collective good.

Recent generations are growing up learning that they are the problem. Look no further than young Greta Thunberg, who has been propagandized that she and everyone else are what’s wrong with the world. Young ladies are sterilizing themselves so they can save the climate. And if humans are a scourge, Christianity is the source of destruction.

The Marxist blueprint takes form when young generations reject religion and capitalism and embrace humans as a mere commodity. At that point, modesty, accountability to God, even motherhood is rejected.

These Nones either shun Christianity or have no real awareness of it. In Dearborn, Michigan, it wasn’t the Christian parents, but the Muslim parents leading the way to stop a local school district from allowing sexualized LGBT books in the school library.

Al Mohler cites a recent book on the subject, pointing to a desire or pressure to conform to culture and a weak biblically-based foundation has many leaving the church or never attending. Many who consider themselves Nones were attending a church more for the sense of belonging, and less for the biblical truth. Ironically, they often later long for the sense of belonging they had in a church.

With no biblical understanding and the sense that we all are, at the least, a commodity, and at most, the problem, perhaps many Nones would be open to another option.

Those at the conference suggested it is time to defend the notion of reason and the virtue of freedom.

Young people are looking for answers. One speaker reported on students at a major Christian college who attend a conservative, strong biblical church next door because the Bible is being taught and their questions are being answered. We must be willing to tackle the hard issues.

Rosaria Butterfield sets a good example of that with her recent speech at Liberty University’s Convocation and her new book, “Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age.” Here’s a link to the full speech (at 33:36). Some may wince at the strength of her words but the students responded very favorably to her presentation of biblical truth. Listen, pick up the book, see what you think. I have already started reading it.


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