AZ FREE NEWS: ASU Professor Urges Phoenix Pastors To Warn Congregations Against Universities

by | Nov 6, 2023 | In The News

Corinne Murdock writes in an article found on AZ Free News that Arizona State University (ASU) professor Owen Anderson is taking a stand, warning that the university’s curriculum is attacking Christian values. He’s urging local pastors to steer their congregations clear of such schools. Per Murdock’s story:

Anderson, who teaches philosophy and religious studies, has been outspoken on a number of other issues in recent months, namely concerning the alleged free speech issues at ASU.

The professor went on to ask why Christian students should have to “suffer through classes” without speaking against criticisms of their faith for fear of reprisal by their professors. Anderson encouraged Christian families to actively counter what’s being taught at institutions like ASU and to attend other higher education institutions instead.

Anderson encourages Christians to take a stand against the belittling of their beliefs in higher education, advocating for alternative learning institutions that respect their faith. Corinne states:

Anderson posted on X (formerly Twitter) that neither faculty members nor university administrators care about Christians.

“The faculty care so little about Evangelicals that one of them can insult Evangelicals and not one faculty member will say anything, and no administrator will understand why it matters,” said Anderson.

Read the full story here.

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