ARIZONA DAILY INDEPENDENT: Paradise Valley Delayed Parental Notice About Teacher Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

by | Nov 1, 2023 | In The News

As reported in an article from Arizona Daily Independent, Paradise Valley High School failed to promptly inform parents about an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by their now-deceased chemistry teacher, Keiko Yoshimine. As the article alleges:

On October 17, Paradise Valley Principal Ian Deonise advised parents and guardians that Yoshimine passed away, without mentioning that she had taken her own life. The message also made no mention of the fact that Yoshimine had been questioned by Phoenix Police the day before and had admitted to being engaged in inappropriate behavior with at least one young female student.

While Principal Ian Deonise chose to gloss over the grim details surrounding Yoshimine’s death and her allegedly inappropriate relations with a student, the school community was left in the dark until rumors began to spread. The inability of the Phoenix Police to detain Yoshimine after her confession further raises questions. As it states in the article:

Now, questions are being raised as to why Yoshimine was not taken into custody after admitting to officers that she had engaged in inappropriate behavior, both to prevent her from doing more harm to students, and possibly to keep her from doing harm to herself.

The full article, including the emails sent by the school, can be read here.

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