ARIZONA DAILY INDEPENDENT: Man Identified In Case Of Campaign Sign Theft Is Husband Of Former Senator

by | Oct 25, 2023 | In The News

According to an article released by Arizona Daily Independent, former Arizona State Senator Heather Carter faces public scrutiny as her husband, Jay Carter, is allegedly captured on video removing campaign signs. Per the author:

Jay Carter, listed on his wife’s financial disclosure forms as a Phoenix-area realtor, has been identified as the man seen in the video as he is confronted by Eddy Jackson, a candidate for the Paradise Valley Unified School District Governing Board.

Heather Carter, who lost her 2020 Republican primary re-election bid, endorsed Katie Hobbs over GOP contender Kari Lake in the 2022 gubernatorial race. The article states:

“Carter, who continues to identify as a Republican, has used that identity to scold her fellow party members for their “lack of civility.” So, it is especially offensive to conservatives that her husband would be involved in such uncivil behavior,” one Precinct Committee person told the Arizona Daily Independent.

Carter has retreated from public view, making her social media accounts private following the incident. Read the full story here.

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