Unspeakable Evil

In 2019, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) invited me to participate in a delegation of Christian leaders to Israel. AIPAC took us to within about 100 yards of the Gaza border on the south and the Lebanon/Syria border on the north.  I saw the safe rooms in Israeli homes and the bus stops that served also as bus shelters. I saw where occasional bombs were sent over to Israel from Gaza. I heard our guides and others talk about the mere seconds they had to shelter when the air sirens went off.

Waking up Saturday morning, I instantly reflected back on that trip. I prayed and then took to social media, asking others to do the same, to pray for Israel. I have been glued to the reports on television news and social media.

This is Israel’s 9/11; a sneak attack on civilians simply going about their lives. More Jews have been killed these last few days than any time since the Holocaust. Terrorists are savagely killing the Jewish people simply because they are Jewish.

Israel has a right and a duty to defend itself. Yes, the issues are complex and centuries old, but this evil spawned by terrorists should be condemned and stopped.

The videos, pictures, and reports coming out of Gaza test the limits of our capacity to comprehend evil; babies murdered, some decapitated for effect; women abused, tortured, and killed before the video cameras; Jewish civilians burned alive in their cars as they try to flee the massacre.

As the body count climbed and captors taunted the world with unspeakable threats against hostages, the terrorists and their allies celebrated, cheering what can only be described as evil. Regrettably, many of them were here in America. Student groups in universities throughout the country celebrated the genocide perpetrated by Hamas. Those universities include Harvard and Arizona State University (ASU).

Gratefully, there were voices of courage and clarity refusing to embrace the notion of moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas terrorist forces.

President Biden took a strong stance when he addressed the nation this week, calling the attack an “act of sheer evil.” America’s military is making strategic moves in the waters off the Israeli coast.

Al Mohler used his popular podcast to support Israel’s right to defend itself, and he discussed why “an attack on Israel is an attack on Western Civilization and the rule of law.”

Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko has repeatedly posted her thoughts, including a call for government leaders to make hard decisions: “We do not, cannot, and should not negotiate with terrorists. As we continue to pray for Israel, we must condemn any and all actions that led to this horrible tragedy.”

Arizona Congressman David Schweikert on X condemned the attacks and called for the U.S. to stand with Israel.

State Senate President Warren Peterson and Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma condemned the “barbaric attacks” and called for the Capitol Dome to be lit blue in support for Israel.

Governor Katie Hobbs lit the executive tower blue and posted her support for Israel, “I condemn the horrific terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas. Arizona stands with the people of Israel and supports their right to self defense. My heart breaks for the families of those who have been killed, injured, or captured.”

Noted author Joel Rosenberg of All Israel News analyzed the government failures that left Israel vulnerable, and why Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war. Here, he calls out American leaders who deny Iran’s involvement. Joel is a good source to follow on these issues, as he speaks and writes from a biblical perspective.

Ben Shapiro has a personal and political perspective. This article from Wednesday is particularly compelling, as he challenges readers to not look away, acknowledge evil, and stand with Israel, “Americans love justice. Americans love good. Americans resonate to the Bible’s book of Psalms, which says, “Hate evil, those who love the Lord.”

Zuhdi Jasser is a good resource from the perspective of a practicing Muslim in condemnation of Hamas and other terrorists. His initial statement harkened back to 9/11, “I well recall that day that Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu said, “Today, we are all Americans”. And I recall how important that was to hear back then. Today, I would like to say, “We are all Israelis.”

In addition to following Joel Rosenberg, All Israel News, Ben Shapiro, Dr. Al Mohler, I also follow Dr. Andrew Walker. On Thursday morning, he hosted a Southern Seminary chapel discussion with Dr. Mohler and other experts on how to view the Israel situation from a biblical perspective. Watch here.

There will be much more to say as events unfold. For now, pray. Pray for Israel, the victims of barbarism, the Jewish people in harms way, and for the Arab people who want nothing to do with the terrorism of Hamas, Hezbollah, and others. And pray for America as we make very difficult decisions and seek to protect the people of our own nation.


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