ARIZONA DAILY INDEPENDENT: Arizona Educator “Viciously” Mocks Christians in Viral Rant

by | Oct 9, 2023 | In The News

Arizona Democrat influencer, Jeanne Casteen, has made waves with a heated, expletive-laden rant against Christian parents and school board members of the Peoria Unified School District (Peoria USD), notably targeting those opposing the district’s shared bathroom policy. The controversy was amplified when her outburst went viral on X (formally Twitter), courtesy of the LibsofTikTok account. According to the article from the Arizona Daily Independent:

Casteen, who serves as the Executive Director of the radical Secular Arizona organization, “viciously” mocked parents and school board members “who don’t want boys in the girls’ bathroom at schools in the Peoria Unified School District.

In her attack on Christians and the concerned parents who speak out against the district’s shared bathroom policy, Casteen claimed members of her organization have been victims of vandalism without offering any evidence. Casteen also claimed that Christ was a socialist without offering any evidence.

Aside from her tirade, Casteen has been known for attacking Peoria USD board member, Heather Rooks, who starts her public remarks with Scripture. Last year, under pressure from Casteen’s group and others, Rooks was “compelled to stop” reading Scriptures during board comments. The article states:

Casteen is also behind the attacks on Peoria Unified School District board member Heather Rooks, a devout Christian who begins her public comments frequently with a small line of scripture.

Last February, Casteen’s group reportedly filed a complaint with the Board that Rooks’ recitation of the Bible was “unconstitutional proselytizing.” This despite the fact that Rooks has never asked or prompted anyone else to acknowledge the scriptures. After reciting the scripture briefly, Rooks immediately moved on to the business of the Board.

Rooks was “compelled to stop” reading from scripture after the Board sent her a letter stating that reciting the verses violated the Establishment Clause, which “prohibits the government from establishing a religion.”

Additionally, Heather Rooks, backed by the First Liberty Institute, has launched a lawsuit against the district, asserting her right to recite Scripture during board comments without violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

For a deeper dive and to experience Casteen’s strong language firsthand, check out the full article from the Arizona Daily Independent. Warning: The article contains extreme language. 

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