A Middle Ground?

Much of culture has moved beyond the controversy of same sex attraction. It has been decided; or at least, “to each his own.” Not so for those with a biblical worldview who are finding they can no longer avoid taking a position on the issue, and finding also that there is no middle ground. Thankfully, several pastoral leaders have provided guidance on how to view human sexuality through a biblical lens.

First, two recent examples of middle ground efforts are newsworthy: Pope Francis’ remarks on same-sex marriage and Pastor Andy Stanley’s “Unconditional” conference.

The Catholic Pope indicated the possibility of blessing same-sex civil unions in answer to questions of clarity from five conservative Bishops.

Al Mohler addresses the Pope’s comments and what they mean in a divided Catholic church, as well as their effect more broadly. Mohler makes the point that Pope Francis’ nod to same-sex unions seems to be an attempt to find a middle ground on an issue on which the Bible leaves no room for neutrality.

In an effort to appeal to those outside the church, some professing Christian leaders also either smudge the line on LGBT issues or full out embrace them in the name of “love.” This wrongly assumes there is no love in biblical truth and no compassion in the biblical view of sexuality.

Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point church outside Atlanta, has been edging in that direction for some time. This past weekend, he had two same sex attracted men, both married (to two different men) speak at his “Unconditional” conference, where Stanley performed biblical gymnastics to justify the relationships and the lifestyles, while also affirming the Bible’s prohibition of homosexuality. Listen to Mohler’s analysis on that here.

Pastor and author Sam Allberry wrote about Stanley’s conference here, stating Stanley’s irreconcilable contradiction: “Though Stanley articulated a commitment to a New Testament sexual ethic, he also seriously undermined that very teaching … [homosexuality] is a behavior requiring repentance. Eternity is at stake. To say or even imply that it is possible to persist in this sin is nothing short of sending people to hell—and a profound failure of pastoral responsibility.”

Sam Allberry recently spoke generally on the issue of same sex attraction at Christ Church of the Valley (CCV), reminding us that the Bible calls, not just the same sex attracted, but all of us to “say ‘no’ to self.”

Allberry’s message was part of CCV’s three-part series focusing on a biblical worldview of LGBT issues and pointing out that our identity is from God, not from within. Listen to that series here, here, and here. CCV Senior Pastor Ashley Wooldridge specifically addressed so-called gender ideology in the second sermon of the series.

Another significant series on the issue comes from Pastor Alistair Begg of Parkside Church near Cleveland. Begg’s study of Romans 1 answers several common questions about what exactly the Bible says about homosexuality. Find it here,here, and here.

Two additional credible sources for Christians either struggling with same sex attraction, or loving family members or friends with same-sex attraction are, first, Joe Dallas. Joe provides several resources to help bring clarity and healing to believers who want to remain true to Scripture as they navigate the issue. I recently did a two-part Engage Arizona podcast with Joe. Listen here and here.

The other is Love & Truth Network led by Garry and Melissa Ingraham here in the valley. The Ingrahams provide biblically based counseling and resources on LGBT issues for families and church leaders.

These are by no means the only reputable resources on the issue. If your pastor has spoken biblically about the LGBT movement, please share it with us.


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