SCOTUS Ruling Leaves Women in Danger

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President, Cathi Herrod, Esq.

Protecting the wellbeing and safety of women should be something we all agree on. If the abortion industry cared about women, it would care for their safety more than the industry’s bottom line.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling leaves women in the hands of a self-serving abortion industry without the safety precautions the FDA required, then arbitrarily dropped in an effort to expand abortion.

Fortunately, this is a temporary decision that will reign only while the case against the FDA’s illegal approval of the drug continues to play out in the courts. As Justice Alito wrote in his dissent, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has fast tracked oral argument to be held in 26 days.

But during that time, Mifepristone will continue to send women to the hospital with life-threatening complications, some of them fatal.

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