Hobbs’ Veto Gives OK to Infanticide


For Immediate Release

Monday, April 03, 2023

Contact:  Cindy Dahlgren




A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President,

Cathi Herrod, Esq.

Governor Hobbs played coy during her campaign but now her radical views are on full display; she just gave the okay to infanticide. Hobbs vetoed a bill today that would have outlawed the intentional hastening of a newborn’s death. The veto allows healthcare workers to withhold needed medical care from newborns, sanctioning death by neglect.

Newborns with life-threatening conditions are sometimes put on a “slow code,” meaning they don’t get the medically appropriate treatment babies without the condition get. Death by neglect is not healthcare.  SB 1600 would have ensured those newborns got the chance to beat the odds and live. It is what every human deserves and what every parent expects from healthcare providers entrusted with the lives of new babies.

Governor Hobbs has just shown her true colors; she is more devoted to her political special interest groups than she is to serving all Arizonans, even the most vulnerable and needy.

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