Breaking Point?

Early reports indicated one of the possible motivating factors given for why a former student gunned down little children and school employees at a Nashville Christian school this week was the governor’s signature on legislation prohibiting irreversible gender-related drugs and surgeries for minors.

Others suggested such child-protective laws might prevent further tragedies. We may never know all that led to the devastation, but we can do everything in our power to protect children from the many evils of society.

Incidentally, a law similar to Tennessee’s goes into effect today in Arizona. Last year, state lawmakers passed CAP-supported SB 1138 to prohibit gender-related surgeries on minors in an effort to spare them the irreversible consequences of such an adult decision.

The law faced fierce opposition during the legislative process by activists demanding the purely experimental and permanent “treatments” for children struggling with gender.

The original bill had to be amended to drop the prohibition on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors in order to get enough votes to pass.

Since then, several states have passed similar bans on these experimental “treatments,” including a veto override in Kentucky to ensure children are protected from abuse.

Today, as Arizona’s commonsense bill takes effect, the inevitable breaking point comes into view.

The 28-year-old woman reportedly targeted the Christian school for mass murder. But instead of acknowledging the brokenness, the depth of division in our society, and the growing vitriol for those in disagreement, many chose to take their corner in the ring. All because the killer identified as transgender.

Hours after the mass murder, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ Press Secretary Josselyn Berry tweeted a movie clip showing a woman armed with a weapon in each hand and captioned it: “Us when we see transphobes.” The tone-deaf call for more violence sparked outrage. See the tweet in this article. She resigned two days later.

But by then, the murder victims were less important than losing ground on the LGBTQ agenda. The narrative switched, making those who identify as transgender the victims of those who won’t affirm them. Headlines quickly emerged citing fear and alleged abuse of those who, like the shooter, call themselves transgender. A tone of sympathy ran through some on social and news media.

Never mind that radical activists had already been calling for a “Trans Day of Vengeance” before the mass killing Monday.

Madonna added Nashville to her concert tour, dedicating the proceeds to trans activists. The chatter on social media included a number of posts scolding news reporters for “misgendering” the killer, which was quickly “fixed.”

If you couldn’t see it before, the last few days have brought clarity to the breadth of allegiance to the LGBTQ agenda. Even dead little children couldn’t displace the focus on transgender issues. It rivals any religion for many and may bring us to a breaking point.

We must be aware so we can respond appropriately; with compassion when compassion is called for, with unwavering fidelity to a sovereign God and His biblical truths when tested, and with action when children need protecting.

To that end, I testified this week in favor of SB 1040, which would accommodate all students by requiring single-use restrooms and showers for students struggling with their gender. This also protects girls’ privacy and safety in private spaces on school campuses. It is a commonsense solution to a growing problem.

We also continue to pray for the families of those precious children and school employees who lost their lives five days ago, as well as for the many schoolmates who suffer the trauma of witnessing such carnage. And we pray for those caught in the lie of transgenderism and others suffering in despair and hopelessness.



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