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It could be next week, next month, or a bit later; but a ballot measure designed to enshrine abortion into Arizona’s constitution is coming. Pro-abortion activists all but promised it after Dobbs overturned Roe v. Wade last June.

The abortion industry has given us a glimpse of what to expect here by filing measures in at least three other states so far, following three successful measures in 2022.

Earlier this week, Ohio activists filed paperwork to get a measure on the ballot that greatly expands abortion in the state and restricts the ability of elected lawmakers to protect the unborn.

The deceptive measure states abortion is legal up to viability (about 22-24 weeks gestation), insinuating there is a limit on abortion. But although the initiative states abortion can be regulated after that point, it then turns around and makes an exemption for the life or the health of the mother. That language is very intentional; the health of the mother includes mental or emotional health, therefore allowing abortion at any stage of pregnancy if the mother claims she needs it for her emotional health. It is a tricky way of giving the impression the measure sets limits on abortion, while effectively legalizing abortion on demand up to the point of birth.

They write these measures this way because they know their radical agenda to legalize abortion up to birth is extremely unpopular. Polls show most Americans support significant restrictions on abortion; only a tiny amount support the radical idea of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

Ohio joins Oklahoma and South Dakota on the list of states facing such measures in 2024. New York and New Jersey are expected to consider abortion ballot measures later this year.

The abortion industry isn’t shy about targeting states with strict abortion regulations or strong pro-life laws like Arizona.

For example, these states passed ballot measures in 2022 enshrining abortion into their state constitutions.

  1. Michigan voters passed a similar measure to the one Ohioans will vote on in 2024. It, too, leaves a huge loophole for after-viability abortions.
  2. California voters last year passed a ballot initiative to enshrine abortion into the state constitution, calling abortion a “fundamental right.”
  3. Vermont voters also enshrined abortion into their state constitution, declaring “personal reproductive autonomy” for citizens.

When abortion activists file their ballot measure paperwork in Arizona, pay close attention to the language. Again, it will be designed to confuse voters by inferring there are limitations where there are none. For example, South Dakota’s measure reads in part, “At the end of the second trimester, the measure says that the state may regulate or prohibit abortion “except when it is necessary, in the medical judgment of the woman’s physician, to preserve the life or physical or emotional health of the pregnant woman.” We can expect similar language in the Arizona measure.

Other Abortion Efforts

  • Earlier this week, governors from 20 states formed an abortion alliance, promising more access to abortion, including abortions for women coming from pro-life states.
  • Pro-abortion elected officials in Arizona plan to help. One indication comes from admitted pro-abortion Governor Katie Hobbs’ overt fundraising effort to raise $500,000 for her political party in next year’s election. Governor Hobbs repeatedly promised every effort to expand abortion access in the state, and she refused to put a limit on abortion during her campaign.
  • On a national level, the U.S. Senate is again trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which is now widely known to be a backdoor effort to enshrine abortion into the U.S. Constitution. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hold a hearing on the ERA next week.


Meanwhile, the pro-life movement marches on – literally. Thousands of pro-life Arizonans rallied at the state Capitol yesterday for Arizona’s annual March for Life. I was honored to address the energized crowd, acknowledging their commitment, and preparing them for the coming ballot measure. It is going to take all of us to defeat a well-funded abortion measure. Every pro-life Arizonan must be engaged.


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