Know Your Rights, Know the Law

This weekend, parents will have more access to their children’s education records and any surveys given by school staff; boys will compete with boys and girls with girls; Arizonans with disabilities will be protected from discrimination, and those serving faith-based adoption agencies will be protected from discrimination.

Tomorrow is the day. Several new CAP-supported laws take effect Saturday, some that directly affect you and your family.

When you know the law, you are better equipped to stand for your rights.

Here’s what to know:

CAP-Supported laws taking effect tomorrow, Sept. 24

  1. A limitation on abortions at 15-weeks gestation. We await a ruling on Arizona’s pre-Roe law prohibiting abortion except to save the life of the mother. While that law makes its way through the courts, abortions after 15-weeks gestation will be illegal starting tomorrow.
  2. A requirement that only biological females compete on female sports teams. Those struggling with gender dysphoria can play on the team that matches their biological sex or on a co-ed team.
  3. A prohibition on discrimination against Arizonans with disabilities who need an organ transplant.
  4. A requirement to notify parents before giving students intrusive surveys. Parents must opt-in if they want their children to participate. The law also ensures parental access to their children’s educational and medical records.
  5. Arizona’s successful school choice program, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) is scheduled to be available to ALL students starting tomorrow. But anti-school choice activists are expected to file signatures to get a measure on the ballot to repeal this new law, effectively taking much needed opportunity away from parents and their children. If the activists do file enough signatures, the law will automatically be put on hold pending legal challenges or a vote.
  6. A requirement ensuring churches and other religious organizations are categorized as essential services during a public emergency like the pandemic.
  7. A prohibition on discrimination against faith-based adoption and foster care agencies and their prospective adoptive families.
  8. A requirement to allow clergy visitation to hospice and nursing homes during a public emergency if the facility allows any other visitation.
  9. Increased funding for facilities that care for homeless pregnant women.
  10. Increased funding for the Family Health Pilot Program, serving abortion minded women so they can choose life for their preborn babies.
  11. An increase in the charitable tax credit inflator.
  12. In March, 2023, a law will take effect prohibiting minors from gender-related surgeries, protecting children caught in the transgender movement from irreversible damage.

This kind of success only happens because of people like you who are willing to stand with CAP in the fight for pro-life, pro-family policy. These laws take effect tomorrow because you vote for lawmakers who share your values.


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