A Deluge of Dogma

Prepare to be engulfed in every color of the rainbow, inundated with messages suggesting you have no choice but to embrace the ever-growing alphabet of the LGBTQ+ movement. It is no longer about acceptance, all must submit at the expense of your own beliefs of humanity and sexuality, and even your understanding of science and biology.

Every June, woke businesses engage in the so-called “Pride Month” exercise of out-priding each other and striving to meet the latest standard, for which there is no escape.  Business Insider reports on Target’s elaborate effort pushing the boundaries but still not far enough for some in the movement. Even the store’s choice to sell binders or “compression tops” to adolescent girls who want to present as boys didn’t impress. But a T-shirt reading, “Move, I’m gay” was a hit with LGBTQ activists who actually praised the store for its submission to the “bullying.”

For those businesses scrambling to avoid cancelation, Forbes offers advice on how to cater to the Pride pressure, touting poll numbers exaggerating the LGBTQ consumer base. Be prepared for more intersectionality and discrimination stories in Pride month advertising.

This year, Walmart features Pride ice-cream, Apple shows off its Pride watch, and Disney unveiled its Pride Collection, which will donate profits from Mickey Mouse ears and other children’s toys to LGBTQ organizations.

But make no mistake, your actions can make a difference. Just this week, State Farm rescinded its collaboration with the program GenderCool, which promotes transgender and other sexuality related books in kindergarten and other elementary grade level classes. Once word got out and the phrase, “Like a creepy neighbor, State Farm is there” caught on, customers complained to their local agents and the company pulled back.

Ideological Instruction

Whether businesses back the effort or not, the undeniable battle for our children rages. We have seen it in sexualized curriculum in public schools, policies that conceal transitioning students from their parents. Now we learn Arizona’s Department of Education has been promoting an online LGBTQ chat line for young teens, complete with a quick Esc button in case parents walk into the room. Q Chat Space is open to minors and adults, facilitated by Planned Parenthood and activists, and promotes sexuality related discussions between adults and minors. All of it sanctioned by Arizona’s Department of Education.

States throughout the country are battling back against a pervasive sexualization of children most parents were unaware of until Covid forced public instruction into homes, opening eyes to an already entrenched agenda.

  • A Utah school teacher resigned after her proud proclamation of sexuality related conversations with students ended up on Libs of Tik Tok – known for revealing many such videos.
  • Texas’ Governor calls for educational freedom for all students after parents revolt against sexualized curriculum revealed throughout the country.

But the fight continues:

  • Parents demand answers after learning a Scottsdale Unified School District staffer reportedly discussed gender ideology with kindergartners, scaring them and causing them to question their own identity.
  • Kids in Virginia face suspension for using the correct pronouns, but ones that don’t match a fellow student’s gender identity.
  • A Wisconsin middle school accused three students of sexual harassment for using the correct pronouns.
  • A video depicting a teacher discussing sexuality and gender with young children celebrates Pride month.
  • The University of Wisconsin directs (one example) students in the array of pronouns they should use when addressing fellow students, including ve, ver, vis and xe, xem, xyr. The web page contains an extensive guide on how to use the new pronouns and admits it “is not an exhaustive list.”
  • ASU offers parents advice on how to affirmatively talk to kids about Pride month.

I could go on. And public policy designed to usher in and sanction more of the same looms on a state and federal level.

Leftists in Washington have been trying to pass the Equality Act, which would enshrine radical gender ideology in civil rights law and increase sexualization of youth.

If the make-up of the Arizona Legislature changes in November, we would likely see an aggressive attempt to pass a law like this year’s  HB 2802, which would codify the LGBTQ agenda into state law at the expense of free speech, parental rights, and religious freedom.

But, if Arizona voters elect more pro-family legislators this year, we would likely see more bills like SB 1138, which Arizona lawmakers passed this session and Governor Ducey signed. It prohibits irreversible gender related surgeries on minors.

So, as we approach June, may we do it from a place of love without affirmation and an optimistic look forward to November. But let’s never forget where our ultimate hope lies, praying for changed hearts and minds in Christ.

I cannot end without addressing the horrific mass murder in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week. I speak for the entire CAP team when I say our hearts break for the families that have lost precious children to senseless violence. The unspeakable pain and loss of life in this manner can only be described as pure evil. We weep and we pray for the families and the town of Uvalde. May God comfort them.


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