It’s Time

Arizona’s primary election is less than four months away. It’s time to prepare. But first:

Capitol Update: Religious Freedom Victory!

Governor Ducey this week signed CAP-supported SB 1399, protecting the interest of children and faith based foster care and adoption agencies by prohibiting discrimination based on religious views.

The ever-changing sexual ethic demands conformity in all corners of society, regardless of the cost. States have given in to pressure to exclude individuals, companies, and organizations that hold a historical or religious view of human sexuality. This unconstitutional mandate forces religious organizations to either violate their religious convictions or stop providing adoption and foster care services, which they have done for decades.

This new law ensures that won’t happen in Arizona, protecting religious freedom while also maximizing the foster care and adoption service available to children. The more agencies and the more families willing to open their homes to children that need one, the more Arizona children can find a forever home. It also means faith-based families looking to expand through foster care or adoption can do so without the risk of losing their freedom to exercise their religion.

It’s Time to Prepare

On August 2nd, voters will decide the Democrat and Republican choices to go head-to-head in the general election November 8th. Because the winners of the primary election can make or break the final winner, it is not an election to overlook. Choose wisely.

Below is a list of candidates (in alphabetical order) who have submitted enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, and a link to their webpages detailing their views on the issues. This will help you get familiar with the candidates in anticipation of CAP’s AZ Voter Guide, which will be available July 1st. There, you will find the candidates answers to questions on key issues that you might not find on their websites.

U.S. Senator


Mark Brnovich – 11,708 signatures About Brnovich

Jim Lamon 17,663 signatures About Lamon

Blake Masters – 20,635 signatures About Masters

Michael McGuire – 11,587 signatures About McGuire

Justin Olson – 17,510 signatures About Olson


Mark Kelly – 23,987 signatures – About Kelly


Arizona Governor


Katie Hobbs – 16,982 signatures About Hobbs

Aaron Lieberman – 9,842 signatures About Lieberman

Marco Lopez – 11,672 signatures Marco Lopez


Steve Gaynor – 16,649 signatures About Gaynor

Kari Lake – 17,650 signatures About Lake

Scott Neely – 10,457 signatures – About Neely

Karrin Taylor Robson – 14,723 signatures  About Taylor Robson

Matt Salmon – 18,870 signatures About Salmon

Paola Tulliani-Zen – 14,199 signatures – About Tulliani-Zen


Attorney General


Lacy Cooper – 9,787 signatures About Cooper

Rodney Glassman – 15,748 signatures About Glassman

Andrew Gould – 16,596 signatures About Gould

Dawn Grove – 16, 800 signatures About Grove

Abraham Hamadeh – 12,969 signatures About Hamadeh

Tiffany Shedd – 10, 744 signatures About Shedd


Kris Mayes – 12,461 signatures – About Mayes


Secretary of State


Reginald Bolding – 11,049 signatures About Bolding

Adrian Fontes – 13,771 signatures About Fontes


Shawnna Bolick – 11,015 signatures About Bolick

Mark Finchem 11,320 signatures About Finchem

Beau Lane – 12,118 signatures About Lane

Michelle Ugenti-Rita – 14,237 signatures About Ugenti-Rita

Voter information

Register to vote here

Request a mail-in ballot here

Call your county elections office with registration questions. Find yours here

Important Dates

July 5 – Deadline to register to vote in the August 2nd primary election

July 22 – Deadline to request a mail-in ballot for the primary election

July 6 – Mail-in voting begins for primary election

October 11 – Deadline to register to vote in the November 8th general election

October 28 – Deadline to request mail-in ballot for the general election

October 12 – Early voting begins for the general election

State Legislative, Congressional Candidates

See the list of state House and Senate candidates here and congressional candidates here. Candidates will be listed under the new legislative and congressional districts drawn by the Independent Redistricting Committee after the census. Find your new legislative and congressional district maps here.


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